Why Nordic ?

When your shipments are in need of safe and trustworthy solutions during the transport by sea, you may be rest assured that with Nordic Power Desiccants, we have over 20 years of experience in shipping goods safely. Through extensive research, we have developed the most effective desiccant in the market today.

We guarantee that our products are representing the best way of insuring your cargo against be destruction by humidity that will be found in every container being shipped. Since we carry out the R&D and the quality control in our own plant, we ensure that the products are totally effective, environment neutral and most cost effective. From our different offices and through our agents, we can serve you and your needs wherever you may be located.

Continuing Innovation

We are constantly and relentlessly pursuing perfection throughout the company, and we are eager to serve you and your needs. Try us and you will notice the difference.

Nordic humidity help line

Our humidity experts are waiting to answer any questions / queries that you may have regarding moisture or humidity problems in container shipments.

085 - 812 4188