This unique product absorbs moisture by extracting water vapor present in the air, thus preventing the humidity inside the container from reaching dew point and condensing. The desiccant then starts to turn into a gel as it continues to absorb moisture. The water absorbed is retained due to the presence of a special binding agent, thus preventing it from leaking.

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InterDry helps you conquer humidity problems in containers shipped by sea.

Nordic Power Desiccant test reports

Nordic Power Desiccants protect:

Agriculture products, Leather goods, Wooden products, Metal products, Electrical goods, Textiles and more >>>

Intertek Test Report
Intertek Test Report (pdf)
Passed the test on lead, cadmium, tin and olefin copolymer
SGS Reach Report
SGS Reach Test Report (pdf)
EG test on the prohibition of dimethylfumarate. Nordic Power Desiccant have been tested and found NOT to contain any DMF.
Tuv Test Report
TUV test report (pdf)
Passed the test on Formaldehyde and Dimethyl fumerate.

SGS Test Report
XIOS Limburg test report (pdf)
Comparison between various brands of desiccant. Shows Nordic Power Desiccant to absorb 279% of it's initial weight.
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Our products are:

  • Completely Leak proof,
  • not obstructing loading space,
  • Easy and safe to handle,
  • Cost effective,
  • Environment neutral (non-toxic),
  • Easily Disposable.

The cheapest insurance in the world against humidity damage

We protect you against: moisture, mold, corrosion, rust, caking, fungus, mildew.

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